Finished Photobook

My portfolio photobook was created in Adobe InDesign, then uploaded (in PDF form) to I’m really happy with how the book turned out and am excited to have a physical copy to share with others. All photos, illustrations, and layout designs were created by yours truly. I used a couple different fonts that IContinue reading “Finished Photobook”

Fun with Textures

I just finished a semester of school and have a few days off. Finally, I found time to play with some of my Adobe programs. Recently I discovered how to make textures using Adobe Capture. I know it’s not a new thing, just new for me. I had so much fun working with atmospheric perspectiveContinue reading “Fun with Textures”

I {Heart} Travel Icons

While learning how to use the basics tools in Adobe Illustrator, I created these travel icons for a school assignment. I’ve always loved to travel and these are some of my favorite ‘iconic’ places: The Leaning Tower of Pisa The Eiffel Tower The Arc de Triomphe Big Ben While there is definitely a learning curveContinue reading “I {Heart} Travel Icons”